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Turnaround is the first music video for Aotearoa band, A HoriBuzz. Led by the late Aaron Tokona (Cairo Knife Fight), the video explores the dark and funny sides of a man trying to turn his life around. 

Tokona described the song as one about transformation, “...basically the song is about a guy who’s done a lot to mess up his life... ultimately, the journey is really about forgiving himself and finding the courage to move past his mistakes.”


Official Music Video

Services: Directing  & Editing



Aaron Tokona

Allan Henry (Rags)

Daley Tapa (The Mallet)

Alex Tarrant-Keepa (Plaster-Master)

Taungaroa Emile (Roads)

Raiha Johns (Wife)

Terence Turner (Husband)




Executive Producer: Mikee Tucker (Loop)

Producers: Jessica Sanderson and Mikee Tucker


Director:  Jessica Sanderson

First Assistant Director: Jonny Eagle

Second Assistant Director: Hayden Weal


Production Managers: Tom Kelly and Julie Trlin

Production Assistant: Kura Scott

Production Runner: Roz Croad


Director of Photography: Matt Henley 

Focus Pullers: Nat Brunt and Marty Lang

2nd AC: Luz Savinon

Lighting assist: Tim Butters

2nd Camera: Andy Chappell


Stunt Choreography: Allan Henry and Terence Turner

Fight Continuity: Chris Ulutupu


Location: Brittons Yard – Renee Brunsdon

Editors: Joseph Jowitt and Jessica Sanderson

Titles: Pleasure Kraft (stills by Melissa Cowan)

Special Effects: Jon Baxter


Still Photography: Melissa Cowan


Art Department: Nick Swain and Nic Lane

Assistant: Chris Connolly


Costume Design: Jessica Sanderson and Rose Morrison

With items donated by Suzanne Tamaki’s collection


On-set Costume: Raewyn Tong


Special Effects/Make up: Dara Wakely


Catering: Nina Siegler


Special thanks to Avalon Studios

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