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'Ako' was a promotional video to promote the app 'Kupu' created by Spark to help beginner learners of te reo Māori find kupu Māori (Māori words) in their environment. It follows three learners and their motivations for starting their reo journey. 

“This is a lifetime journey. Because the more you learn the more you understand, the more you realise what you don’t know… it’s not just the te reo part – it’s te ao Māori. It’s allowed me to connect at a deeper level. It literally has changed my life.” – Haider Khan


Paid Partnership / Short Documentary

Services: Directing  


Produced by The Spinoff in partnership with Spark NZ.

Producer: Maddie Walker

DOP: Tim Flower

Editor: Steve Gulik

Featuring: Simon Day, Jacinta Gulasekharam & Haider Khan

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