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'Moko' looks at the modern revival of tā moko (traditional Māori tattooing) and the artists and wearers who made it possible. 

"'Moko' is a universal story about identity and courage told in a beautifully cinematic voice, with style and dignity." 

- Whakaata Māori

Photo above: Actors Tukiri Tini & Kamaia Takuira Mita




Jessica has been working in the factual television space since 2013. 


Her most recent project was directing an eight-part documentary series, 'Moko' about the revitalisation of traditional Māori tattooing, produced by Lara Northcroft  (Velvet Stone Media). 

For many years Jessica worked as a contractor to Lisa Taouma's Tikilounge Productions as a field director for 'Fresh' and created content for The Coconet.  Those projects took her across Aotearoa and abroad to Rarotonga, Samoa, Tahiti, Hawai'i, and Guåhan

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